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Magine's Freeware Downloads:

For AW 5.2 or 6.0
Magsbot 7.19
(AW SDK build 101)
updated 3/26/14
NOTE: This works with 
5.2 or 6.0 servers,
but it doesn't have any new functionality
over 7.16.

For AW 5.2
Magsbot 8.0
(AW SDK build 100)
updated 7/19/13
This version supports unicode,
but is still in alpha test phase.

For AW 4.1
Magsbot 7.11
(AW SDK build 66)
updated 7/19/13

For AW 3.6
Magsbot 6.9
(AW SDK build 41)
updated 7/19/13

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As seen in AWRPG!



Some stuff for your object path.

Sorry, no support is possible at this time.
WARNING! The RPGBot takes considerable set-up to customize it for your world.

Unzip the documentation then create a shortcut to the index.html file.
Go to "complete documentation" then "***GETTING STARTED ***".

Run the install file, which will put the RPGBot in C:\Bots\RPGBot.
Create a shortcut to MBot.exe and click to run the bot.

Optionally, place the models on your object path.

Magsbot help is no longer available on-line,
but you can download all the help files here.
Unzip the file to it's own folder,
then edit magsbot.ini and in the [Help] section add
URL=path to mbh\mh_contents.htm
for example:
Then Magsbot will use the local help files
when you press F1.

(Other download links from Turtleflight will be added here shortly.

Meanwhile you can access the entire download folder here.)